School Hours, Procedures


Hours at the Early Learning Center range from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. depending on the program.


Arrival Procedures

When you arrive at school:

  • Escort your child to their classroom and make the classroom staff aware of your arrival. If someone other than the parent is dropping your child off, please make them aware of this procedure.
  • Explain and write down any special instructions that staff should be aware of.
  • Sign your child in.
  • Always tell a staff member you are leaving and placing your child in their care.

Departure Procedures

When departing for the day:

  • Make sure you have spoken with the teacher before taking your child.
  • Check your child's cubby to be sure you collect any items that need to go home.
  • Sign your child out We will only release your child to a legal guardian or authorized adult listed on your form We cannot deny a parent access to his/her child unless we have a copy of a current court order that restricts the other parent from access to the child
  • Any new pick-up person may be required to show identification before a child is released to them.